1850-1990 MHz, 17dBi gain, Yagi directional antenna, 1900 MHz Yagi

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Product Description

1900 Mhz Yagi wide band antenna designed primarily for directional applications and point to multipoint systems.

Morgan Neely
June 27, 2019
I purchased this antenna to recieve band-2 1900MHz on the [email protected] Network, just like the first reviewer here. The 17dBi strength of this antenna is as good as it gets! The picture didn't do it justice, so I added my own for you to see it clearly. If you can band lock with your Mofi 4500 Hotspot then good for you, but if you have a normal retail hotspot, then you get stuck on whatever channel the device puts you on, however, with this antenna I was able to stay connected on band 2, which has much much faster download speed, and latency for gaming. Don't get stuck on the standard band 12, that's for peasants and common folk. Lol
The band 12 speed on my nearest tower was 3-8Mbps on a good day, but thanks to this antenna, a distant tower which has the band 2 frequency, 8 miles away, is giving me 38Mbps Download and 25ms ping. I'm extremely pleased with this purchase.
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