Xinfok LED DRL Daytime Running Light Car Styling Dynamic Streamer Flow Amber Turn Signal Warning Steering Fog Day Lamp Pack of 2 (12Leds 32CM)

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1.Size:12Leds 32CM



  • One pair of LED tube strip lights
  • Length: 180mm/250mm/315mm
  • New LED strips with a stretchable design to universally fit for any vehicle
  • Color: xenon white/amber yellow switchback feature
  • Each LED strip is powered by 6/9/12 pieces of dual-color LED modules

Product Description

1. It looks like crystal, elegant and nice.
2. It's flexible, you could install it on any car
3. It's dual color: white usually for Daytime Running light function, golden usually for turnning light function. It's control by a control box automaticly.
. It's easy to install, just plug and play. You could DIY (do it yourself) to stick it any shape as any shap you like.
. It's waterproof and very good quality.

March 17, 2019
1st impressions were that these were nice looking but a little cheap... there are mounting holes that you have to drill out but the wire is really close to where the bolt would go and mine the wire was exposed! The casing to the wire was ripped but I taped it and got away with it.
I siliconed the box that all the wires go into so no water could get in.
I custom made brackets for them and they almost look better without the lights on them!
I wired the turn signal to the bulb socket with resistors and led bulbs. (I really wish I could have them work on the opposite side of the flasher) I wired the dtrl into my halos and ran a wire into the interior fuse box into a marker fuse with a piggy back fuse holder.
I really like these so far I hope they don't crap out.
Harry Kochat
January 14, 2019
Perfect fit on a 2018 BMW X5 without M package. Length, width and depth was perfect. It just snap in the slot of the lower grill. Loved how it looks and operates.
L. Grey
February 16, 2019
Super bright and compact, love the way they sequence for the signals. I recommend removing the cheap double sided tape and replace with real 3M tape. The M M M stuff it comes with isn't good at all.
January 3, 2019
Lights are bright, snazzy looking. The double-sided tape, however, is branded "MMM".

That's a 3M knock-off, for those of you joining the class late. It doesn't hold.
Christopher Berry
March 23, 2019
Too big and too bulky little clumsy would not buy them again
April 22, 2019
I love it. I installed a screw in each side ( I made a hole with a drill in both side) and it is working just fine.
March 29, 2019
Not good quality only works fine for a month and one ligth is not working any more
J. Schoenwalder
June 25, 2019
Very nice on my ranger utv