Yamaha 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Pewter, 4-String (TRBX304 PWT)

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3.:100 Series



  • Perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogany body provides the optimum tonal foundation
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Five-Piece Maple/Mahogany Neck
  • Active Electronics
  • Performance EQ switch for Slap, Pick, Flat, Finger, or Solo play

Product Description

TRBX300 is built around a simple principle - your performance. The perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogany body provides the optimum tonal foundation while the Performance EQ active circuitry gives instant access to perfectly dialed-in stage-ready tones coupled with the expressive control you need.

J. R. Cibula
August 4, 2018
This is an excellent low-priced bass guitar. It did require some set up as the action was a bit high. However, the quality of the instrument is great and the active controls allow a lot of tone shaping. If you are a expert player you may want more than this model but for beginner thru intermediate players-this will be with you for years. My second Yamaha guitar and I feel both have excellent tone, playability, and value. Looked at many inexpensive guitars before buying this and do not regret it.
June 23, 2019
I am a novice player, with 4 basses now (Fender, Ibanez, Schecter), but kept reading many articles about this bass. It was on my list for a while and it arrived 2 days ago. I bought the black gloss, which has a tiger maple look under the gloss-and I view this as beautiful. The bass is heavier than my others and has some neck drop, but the controls are all spot on sensitive and adjustable to what sound/tone I am looking for. The piece arrived with round wound strings and I prefer tape wound and am switching them out. Even so, the action is smooth; the bass tone is throaty with the round wounds. The active/passive switch still has me a bit puzzled, but I am liking the passive sound a bit more at the early stage, as the tone is more passive-not as bold. I adjusted the action just a little bit closer to the fretboard and got a clean and throaty sound. The pickups are spaced far enough apart that the controls do adjust between them nicely; that is, in center toward the neck more or more toward the action end. They are indeed sensitive, more so than either of my fenders. The controls can be set in the middle/neutral or to cut or boost each , from bass to middle to treble. There is a pickup balance control as well and that is nice for the obvious. The master volume control has a lot of range built in, so I needed to spend a lot of time on my amp (Behringer BXL 3000) to reduce an echo effect. The bass is just strikingly beautiful. The back of the neck is a lighter maple and the body, the gloss black I chose, is stunning with the tiger maple faint striping (very faint but still distinct). I am thrilled with this bass and heartily recommend it. At the local guitar stores, comparable basses I have tried go for many hundred more, and didn't have the look or the sound this one does. Buy it.
Allen Claxton
December 22, 2017
Okay seriously, for the price, this bass is excellent! It looks and feels excellent. It sounds great too. I was surprised when there was no pickup switch but then realized the control knobs adjust the mix. I can't imagine a better bass anywhere in this range. I play guitar but needed/wanted a bass. I'm perfectly pleased with this bass guitar and recommend it to anyone.
Uriah Werner
October 20, 2015
I love this bass. I own a music venue and play the acoustic guitar. My guitar is a Martin and it was a lot more expensive than this guitar but I have no desire to buy a more expensive bass. It has great tone and I love the build quality.
Do not hesitate to purchase this instrument. It rocks.
Jeff Perretta
May 27, 2018
Packaging was awful and not substantial for a delicate instrument. When I went to set the bass up, I found that one of the string length adjustment screws was cross-threaded so badly that I couldn't properly adjust the intonation. Then, I went to adjust the action and the bridge saddle allen screws were stripped out and wouldn't move at all. That's when I opted to return the thing. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!
barry reid
December 10, 2018
Great guitar great tone just 1 thing it came with a bit of a knock on the head
July 2, 2018
Yamaha makes fine instruments. I have purchased many Yamaha acoustic guitars, basses, trumpets and saxophones and I have never been disappointed with the quality and performance. This new bass is setup well and plays very good with the active or passive signals. The fit an finish is better than my MIM and MIA Fender Jazz basses.